Why Obamacare Affects Our Future Visits with Winter

I just wanted to thank everybody who continues to regularly check this blog for updates on when we might be returning to Florida to visit Winter the Dolphin again.

Originally I was planning to make a trip this summer. But because of a continuing issue I have with enormously high health insurance premiums, I have had to postpone. I had worked for three years to reverse a pre-existing condition that was preventing me from receiving affordably-priced plans. This Spring, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health, after I paid out of pocket for a very expensive test to prove to health insurers that the condition no longer existed. And I proved it. And it’s gone. Unfortunately, they singled out an unrelated doctor visit for a tingling arm last September and used that as a bait and switch tactic to deny me once again.

I say this because I want people to realize that there are hard working Americans who can’t just dash off to Florida or anywhere they would like — simply because of the exorbitant costs of health insurance. In this case, that is our true story.

When President Obama’s health insurance reforms take effect this October, I will be able to shop for a plan like everybody else. Under the new law, that plan will not become effective, however, until January 2014.

It is my hope that by then, I will be able to make another trip with my child. We benefited greatly from our visit with Winter and hope that many of you can also do the same. It is truly a life-changing experience — one that every child should have.

Thanks, and check back in January for our plans for a return (hopefully) in 2014!

God bless President Obama.