Visit Locked for June 24!

We are so excited to be returning to Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

We will be there on June 24-25 to see our old friends Winter, Hope and Nicholas, plus Bailey the Sea Turtle and a couple of very playful otters.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the aquarium has changed and grown since we were there two years ago, too!

Our plans are to hang out in Orlando for one week first, where we will celebrate Neil’s 11th birthday, and then drive to the Western side of Florida to catch up with our favorite sea creatures. We’ll plan on updating the blog then with photos and our observations about how the aquarium is different!

Thanks to everybody who keeps checking back to see what’s going on. We follow our blog statistics and know that we have visitors worldwide, which is super fun.

Your blog visits bring cheer to our days!

Stay tuned for more to come!



“Dolphin Tale 2” Is Coming Out! (And We’re Returning to Clearwater!)

We are so excited!

We just saw the preview for “Dolphin Tale 2,” which is coming out this fall … and the star of the show is Baby Hope!

Hope is the dolphin you see pictured with Neil in the banner of this blog. On our day for our photo shoot, we’d discovered Winter no longer did the photos, but Hope was the chosen dolphin for that day. Hope is a carefree dolphin — and I know that dolphins are carefree and playful by their very nature, but this dolphin is so full of personality.

When we saw the preview, we gave each other high fives in the theater, and Neil shouted, “We have to go back!”

So yes, we’ll be headed back down to Clearwater this summer to see how the aquarium has changed and also to see any updates with how the second movie was filmed there. It should be tons of fun! We can’t wait to see our “friend” Winter and her friends again.

Stay tuned for more!